3 Innovative Artificial Turf Installation Ideas
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3 Innovative Artificial Turf Installation Ideas

Are you planning to add a personality to your living space? Is renovation on the cards? If yes, we know a popular way to transform your home beautifully. One of the most attractive ways is to install artificial turf. There are different ways to create an artificial lawn using synthetic turf. Artificial grass provides a natural and tropical vibe to your home.

Artificial Turf is essentially a carpet made up of synthetic material. This synthetic material is a fibre that looks like grass. The grass blades are either weaved or stitched into the carpet. This makes it look as realistic as possible. Today there are various ways in which artificial grass can be installed. Some of these ways are as under:

Installing over the Soil

Today soil is one of the most common options for building an artificial lawn. Garden area, play area, ground and other such places are where soil is found in abundance. Once you raise the level of the soil, you can install a synthetic turf over it. An installation of synthetic grass at such places gives it a warm and friendly vibe.

Installing over Cement Pavements

If you are planning to give your swimming pool and patio an artistic look then installing a synthetic turf is the best option. The areas near the swimming pool and patio are made up of cement. Opting for an artificial turf will give these places a native look.

Installing over Wooden Surfaces

Wooden surfaces are ideal for installing artificial grass. You can install grass on wooden tables, benches, decks, patios and landscape. You need to remember that if you are planning to install fabricated grass cover over wood, your wooden surface needs to be water-resistant. You can also install a waterproof barrier before laying the turf. This would protect your wooden surface from damage and mould.

Redesigning your home can be simple and cost-effective. Choosing Aushen Stone will help you in adding beauty to your home. Our team ensures that the natural turf adds an esthetic appeal to your outdoors. Connect with us today.

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