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Written by Aushen Stone & Tile

5 Astounding Benefits of Outdoor Porcelain Tile in Melbourne

Confused with what kind of tile to be used for your outdoor area? Want your outdoors to be enchanting, sophisticated and beautiful? Then, we have the perfect tile option for you. Right from living rooms to sunrooms, to corridors and bathrooms, we have the best tile option for you. Outdoor Porcelain trend has been growing rapidly over the years. Outdoor porcelain pavers in Melbourne are renowned because of its consistent colour and time-saving maintenance but that’s not all. At Aushen Stone, we are a one-stop-shop for all-natural stones specializing in paving/ pool coping/ cladding/ decoration and more. We are outdoor porcelain experts and here are some astonishing benefits stating why opting for outdoor porcelain is the best choice.

Resistant to Moss and Mould

Many materials get slippery outdoors due to the layer of moss or mould that covers the surface. Outdoor Porcelain tile is resistant to moss, mould and algae growth making it easier to maintain. Now keep your outdoor clean and clear with outdoor porcelain tiles in Melbourne

Scratch Resistant

Outdoor porcelain tiles are made from strong materials. These materials make the tiles more scratch resistant compared to other natural stones and concrete.

Cut and Profile based on your choice –

Outdoor porcelain can be cut to fit steps, upstands and even shaped patios. In addition to this, you can choose from a wide range of profiling options including bull nosing and grooves.


Outdoor porcelain tiles are anti-slip resistant. They can be used on patios, balconies, terraces, steps, pathways and even around swimming pools

Design Choices

Outdoor Porcelain tiles are available in an array of sizes, colours and styles. You can choose your ideal choice based on your home decor.

Aushen Stone & Tiles provides you with more than 13 different colours of outdoor porcelain tiles and pavers in Melbourne. Today if you are thinking of getting porcelain tiles for your property then you might be astonished to see the array of choices and the numerous benefits associated with it. Connect with our team today itself and know how perfect this tile would suit your living.

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