add elegance garden choosing right natural stone pavers
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Add Elegance to Your Garden by Choosing the Right Natural Stone Pavers

You want your backyard, your garden to look the best. A fine and sophisticated appearance comes only when the right materials are used. One such material is the outdoor pavers that are used for your gardens. Natural stones are a beautiful addition to your backyard. But choosing the correct natural stone is equally important to give your outdoor a stunning look. Natural stone pavers in Melbourne bring out a unique style to your landscape design. At Aushen Stone & Tiles, we provide you with a wide range of stone pavers for your outdoors. Some of the popular natural stones options include the following:

Bluestone Pavers

Born from volcanic rock that dates back to millions of years, bluestone is one of the oldest natural stone that can be used for your outdoors. Bluestone has a naturally occurring black and grey fine grains that embellish the stones uniform colours and shades. Bluestone is highly abrasion resistant and extremely durable. It is virtually non-porous and minimally sensitive to acids along with being visually appealing.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine adds a subtle elegance of old-world charm. Travertine stones bring nature to your home. It is made from a type of limestone and is the by-product of natural hot springs. Many different minerals mix together for the formation of travertine. This mixture gives it random patterns and a distinctive look. Travertine is renowned for durability and neutral colour tones.

Granite Pavers

Did you know the Red Pyramid of ancient Egypt is made from Granite pavers? Granite constitutes feldspar, quartz and many other important minerals. It is renowned for its strength and is the hardest dimension. Granite flooring will always offer you a dramatic mix of striking depth and rich colours. Granite is the perfect example of strength and durability.

Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone takes millions of years to develop and is the most characterised stone surface materials. It has an earthy appearance and provides a smoother finish and cleaner cut than limestones. It has proven to be the best match for reliable flooring since time immemorial and can also add an alluring look to your backyard.

Aushen Stone and Tile is one of the best one-stop-shop in supplying natural stones and pavers in Melbourne. With an experience of over 10 years, if you are looking for crazy paving skills, then just connect with us. We have an extensive collection of natural stones that can be used for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

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