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Upkeep Your Synthetic Turf In Melbourne With These Winter Tips

The biggest reason why everyone is moving towards synthetic turf in Melbourne is because of its year-round resilience. Wherever you live and whatever the temperature is, the maintenance of an advanced turf is easier compared to your natural back yard.

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Omg! The Best Exterior Wall Cladding Designs Ever!

One of the best ways to protect your building from the harsh Aussie sun is opting for wall cladding. Wall cladding is a vital element that not only protects your home but also makes it an eye-catcher. Today a vast number of interior decorators and designers are looking to find ways to enhance the appearance of a home. Natural stones can instantly transform any living space into a natural and organic feel.

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Porcelain Vs Ceramic – Know the Correct Difference

Wondering if all tiles are created equal? Porcelain and Ceramic tiles – Are they really different or just a war of words? Today porcelain and ceramic are used interchangeably as if they are the same thing. This, however, is not true. Though porcelain and ceramic belong to the same family, they are different products. At Aushen Stone & Tiles, we are one of the best one-stop-shop when it comes to natural stones and tiles.

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4 Spectacular Reasons to Choose Natural Stones for Pool Coping

A pool is a sensational addition to your backyard. Whether you are looking to relax and refresh yourself or you just want to soak in the warm sun and enjoy the cold water at the same time, a pool is your liberation from all the stress. But you should remember that the edge of your pool is one of the most important surfaces. It is the transition from solid ground to your pool – a danger possessing area. Your choice, therefore of what to use for pool coping is very crucial. Today, most of the Australian homes have a natural stone for pool coping and all areas around sunken swimming pools. Right from the warm hues of bluestones to the rustic charm of sandstones and even the sophistication of Travertine, the choice is endless when it comes to natural stones for pool coping. Natural stones like bluestone, granite, and travertine not only ensure enduring appearance but also versatility. There are few types of pool coping: granite pool coping, travertine pool coping and bluestone pool coping in Melbourne, etc.

Here are some astonishing reasons that make natural stones ideal for pool coping.

  • Safe

Natural stone pool coping is safer than other materials. This is because of the way it grips your foot due to its naturally porous texture. It makes it safer for walking and is also slip-resistant. Though natural stone coping is dense, the round edges making it less sharp which boosts safety.

  • Appeal

Natural Stones carry an aesthetic appeal and they are more preferred over concrete. Concrete may be simple to install but natural stones pool coping is hard and long-lasting. Natural stones like granite are available in an array of colours like blacks, greys, whites and even peaches while bluestone is available in the blue-black to the blue-grey colour palette and varied textures. Each piece of stone is unique and you can create various patterns for your pool coping.

  • Cost-effective

Natural stone coping is economical compared to its peers. It provides value for money as it is extremely durable and hard-wearing. Additionally, natural stone coping is stain resistance and can suit any pool, whether it is square-edged, rounded, bullnose or even curved.

  • Strength

Natural stones like granite and bluestone are actually from a rock that was formed in lava. The heat involved in the process of natural stone formation makes it incredibly strong. Natural stone coping is not only about strength but also enhances the beauty of your pool.

At Aushen Stone, we have an experience of over 20 years in the natural stores and tile industry. We are one of the largest stone providers in Australia and we understand why natural stones are the most suitable choice for pool coping. Natural stone pool coping provides you, your family and your guests with both safety and beauty. If you are looking to deck up your swimming pool, then just connect with us for the best pool coping and paving in Australia. Call us now on 03 9585 7005.

Maintain Natural Turf
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How to Install and Maintain Natural Turf

At Aushenstone, we know and understand turf. Our experts are committed to assisting you to achieve your dream backyard. We understand that growing or installing and maintaining a healthy lawn naturally and organically is difficult. Our experts, therefore, share the steps that you need to follow to install and maintain a beautiful natural turf.

Measure Your Site

The first step in installing a natural turf is to know how many square meters of lawn you would need. This can be done by measuring the marked out lawn area.

Prepare the Site

Once you have measured the site, the next step is to prepare it for the installation. Our experts recommended checking the site thoroughly and remove all weeds and grass. You can do this by spraying the area with a glyphosate-based chemical. Leave the area for a week after spraying the herbicide and then remove all the dead or dying weeds.

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