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Bluestone : Melbourne Backyards’ Essence

Bluestone is a popular paving material among landscape designers and architects in Melbourne. Its wonderful hue makes a garden more attractive and is a perfect choice for contemporary and rustic style gardens. Bluestone is known for its durability, strength and its resistance for all weather conditions.

Moreover, the unique texture of bluestone gives it a non-slip surface. This particular feature of bluestones makes it a perfect pick for gardens, walkways and pool patios.

Bluestone comes in an attractive colour. Therefore, it becomes an ideal choice for landscaping and gardening. The beautifully colour provides an excellent scope to design the garden and adjoining patio.

For example, you can use rectangular cut bluestones to pave your garden. Rectangular cut bluestones give your garden an attractive look with its well-defined lines and refined edges.

Moreover, you can use natural skin steppers for the garden with a woodland path. this gives a naturalistic appeal to your garden.

From small paver patios and detailed driveways to wonderful water features and wall claddings, the versatile bluestones add beauty and charm to your garden. You can change the way your garden looks with a little renovation with bluestones.

Where to find high-quality Bluestones and other natural stones for landscaping?

Aushen Stone is a leading bluestone paver in Melbourne. We have a wide range of paving and walling natural stones. You will find the best option that suits your garden design.

Whether you want a beautiful and elegant English garden landscape or a bold contemporary look for your garden – you will get the best options for bluestones at Aushen Stone.

Contact us to get elegant garden landscaping, both in residential and commercial spaces.

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