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Bluestone is perfect for a small terrace in the city and also a courtyard design of a large commercial building – the natural bluestone pavers and tiles are used in the most diverse selection of landscape and architectural designs. Imagine an organic bluestone stepper to create a pathway and let the plants grow between the stones. Also, think about a blue ocean sawn surface paver besides a pool which is amazingly non-slippery or indoor flooring with honed finish bluestone tiles Melbourne for a softer feeling under your feet. The possibilities with bluestones and natural stone flooring are many. They are perfect for driveways, paths, traditional wall cladding, unique paving, bluestone pool coping Melbourne and much more. Now, why wouldn’t anyone consider natural bluestone for their next residential or commercial project?

The bluestones at Aushen Stone & Tile are all natural and have been derived from volcanic stones dating back to millions of years. We provide a range of natural bluestone flooring in a wide variety of surface textures, sizes and formats. Moreover, we offer a high level of customization, including an extensive range of coping bullnose, square edged and drop faced units for pools. Our products, especially bluestone tiles Melbourne, are used vigorously in many other applications due to headwearing and extremely dense features. Being highly abrasion resistance, virtually non-porous, minimally sensitive to acids, showing maximum color fastness and great tensile strength – bluestones are the best way to accessories your floors.

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Paving is a patterned concrete with a bluestone texture and the colour is selected to compliment the natural bluestone coping of the surface. It is majorly done for pools, raised garden beds and steps. The bluestones are preferred for paver coping because of the design flexibility and the level of customization they can provide in commercial and residential projects.

Pool Coping

Bluestone sourced from us can be shaped to fit nearly any bluestone pool coping application, including the standard bullnose, squared edge and dropface treatment. Available in pattern, straight and radial sections, these can leave your pool or spa looking great. All our products are specifically used to fit into all your unique ideas and settings.


Large bluestone stepping stones can lay easily on sand or soil as a path. They make great garden pavers for stunning pathways or can be used simply as a paving system with high water permeability. Quarried and cut from stone boulders, these bluestone stepping stones can be placed directly on the surfaces.


A great option for hardscape patio paving and decorative curbing, these cobbles can be used to frame a walkway or patio. They have a great advantage in projects where edge restraints are needed. Perfect for driveways, pool surrounds and heavily trafficked areas, these cobblestones can be used in variety of applications. They are available in natural, tumbled and exfoliated finishes.


Whether you are considering a rustic or a modern look, edging with natural bluestone visually separates the grass from the garden bed. Bluestone edging adds an intentional and well designed landscape look to any garden area. Additionally, with bluestone edging also allows easy mowing at ground level.

Big slabs

These are an dramatic addition to any property. With all blue coloration, the bluestone big slabs can be used to create a tranquil poolside setting or to add a natural element to the gardens. They come with a thermal finish and non-slippery consistent surface.

Natural Bluestone Walling

With a clean and crisp finish, along with organic and rugged looks, the bluestone tiles Melbourne can be perfect for landscape and garden projects. Apart from adding an unique look to the walls, they serve a variety of purposes. A low rise bluestone wall can add an attractive perimeter to the whole property, and can also support erosion control. They are perfect option for retaining walls or to create different levels/terraces across the landscape. Ranging from external cladding to fireplaces – the walling undoubtedly adds texture and depth, both indoors and outdoors. Snapped and tumbled bluestone is first preference for the natural bluestone walling projects, both in residential and commercial properties.

With Aushen Stone & Tile, you can find the best natural bluestone finish which perfectly blends into your construction or renovation design.