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Omg! The Best Exterior Wall Cladding Designs Ever!

One of the best ways to protect your building from the harsh Aussie sun is opting for wall cladding. Wall cladding is a vital element that not only protects your home but also makes it an eye-catcher. Today a vast number of interior decorators and designers are looking to find ways to enhance the appearance of a home. Natural stones can instantly transform any living space into a natural and organic feel.

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Porcelain Vs Ceramic – Know the Correct Difference

Wondering if all tiles are created equal? Porcelain and Ceramic tiles – Are they really different or just a war of words? Today porcelain and ceramic are used interchangeably as if they are the same thing. This, however, is not true. Though porcelain and ceramic belong to the same family, they are different products. At Aushen Stone & Tiles, we are one of the best one-stop-shop when it comes to natural stones and tiles.

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4 Spectacular Reasons to Choose Natural Stones for Pool Coping

A pool is a sensational addition to your backyard. Whether you are looking to relax and refresh yourself or you just want to soak in the warm sun and enjoy the cold water at the same time, a pool is your liberation from all the stress. But you should remember that the edge of your pool is one of the most important surfaces. It is the transition from solid ground to your pool – a danger possessing area. Your choice, therefore of what to use for pool coping is very crucial. Today, most of the Australian homes have a natural stone for pool coping and all areas around sunken swimming pools. Right from the warm hues of bluestones to the rustic charm of sandstones and even the sophistication of Travertine, the choice is endless when it comes to natural stones for pool coping. Natural stones like bluestone, granite, and travertine not only ensure enduring appearance but also versatility. There are few types of pool coping: granite pool coping, travertine pool coping and bluestone pool coping in Melbourne, etc.

Here are some astonishing reasons that make natural stones ideal for pool coping.

  • Safe

Natural stone pool coping is safer than other materials. This is because of the way it grips your foot due to its naturally porous texture. It makes it safer for walking and is also slip-resistant. Though natural stone coping is dense, the round edges making it less sharp which boosts safety.

  • Appeal

Natural Stones carry an aesthetic appeal and they are more preferred over concrete. Concrete may be simple to install but natural stones pool coping is hard and long-lasting. Natural stones like granite are available in an array of colours like blacks, greys, whites and even peaches while bluestone is available in the blue-black to the blue-grey colour palette and varied textures. Each piece of stone is unique and you can create various patterns for your pool coping.

  • Cost-effective

Natural stone coping is economical compared to its peers. It provides value for money as it is extremely durable and hard-wearing. Additionally, natural stone coping is stain resistance and can suit any pool, whether it is square-edged, rounded, bullnose or even curved.

  • Strength

Natural stones like granite and bluestone are actually from a rock that was formed in lava. The heat involved in the process of natural stone formation makes it incredibly strong. Natural stone coping is not only about strength but also enhances the beauty of your pool.

At Aushen Stone, we have an experience of over 20 years in the natural stores and tile industry. We are one of the largest stone providers in Australia and we understand why natural stones are the most suitable choice for pool coping. Natural stone pool coping provides you, your family and your guests with both safety and beauty. If you are looking to deck up your swimming pool, then just connect with us for the best pool coping and paving in Australia. Call us now on 03 9585 7005.

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Need a Bluestone hearth for fireplace doors? Top 3 Bluestone Fireplace Designs to Sparkle Your Space

The flickering flames of fire provide comfort and add up a homely atmosphere to the surroundings. A fireplace is something that enhances the feeling and aesthetics of the surrounding space. The natural textures, coupled with the various tones of natural stone, provide warmth for our souls. For a stone fireplace in Melbourne, bluestone is a perfect choice. This stone is derived from volcanic stones that date back to millions of years. Here are bluestone fireplace designs that will assist you in enjoying the blazing glow with friends and family.

  1. Stacked Fireplace Design

In the below image, the fireplace hearth is built using bluestone. Slabs surround the lower portion of the fireplace with a thermal finish while the upper part has a thin veneer snapped face stacked stone.

Stacked Fireplace Design & The Classic Touch

  1. The Classic Touch

Here, the bluestone fireplace mantel is surrounded by a bleached white oak. This type of fireplace is the perfect classic touch for a master bedroom.

Fireplaces are known to keep the residents warm during the harsh winters. A fireplace is also considered as the focal point of any room. It adds class to any room decor. It is rightly said that a fireplace can make or break the decor. It is, therefore, suggested to always opt for stone fireplaces as they bring out the best of the surroundings. Stone fireplace hearth designs have evolved with time, and today different types of stones are being used to complement the home decor in Melbourne. Whether the natural stones are neatly stacked or just placed in a haywire form, they give the surrounding an artistic approach.

  1. Outdoor Patio and Hearth Fireplace Design

Outdoor Patio and Hearth Fireplace Desig

In the above picture, the fireplace hearth and the patio brings out the best of nature. You can spend a quality evening with friends and family here.

At Aushen Stone, we provide you with an array of natural stones for your fireplace. For us, no job is too big or too small, and we even accept custom orders of our stones for your particular requirements. Connect with us on 03 9585 7005 or visit https://aushenstone.com.au/ to know about our various stone products and their applications.

Natural Stones Decor Ideas for a Garden
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Natural Stones Decor Ideas for an Alluring Garden

A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and beauty, it teaches industry and thrift. It is the epitome of beauty. Having your own beautiful garden is having your own stress free and therapy zone. Here are five ideas from Aushen Stone that can assist you in making your heaven enchanting with natural stones.

1. Pathway of different sizes of circular stepping stones
You can bring out a completely different charm to your garden by creating a pathway with circular stones. Circular shape stepping stones on a rich pasture bring out an aesthetic appeal. The funny-looking paths would prove to be an incredible walk in your garden.

2. Narrow limestone pathway
A narrow pathway made from limestones in a lustrous spectrum of your backyard garden gives your heaven an enchanting look. An arrangement of irregularly shaped limestones paves a path for a beautiful walk with your loved one. You can go for a walk barefoot alone or with your special one and feel the natural beauty under your feet.

3. Grass and Asymmetrical large stepping stone
Try to create a seamless walking path by fitting stones edge to edge. We know getting an edge to edge fitting is never possible and here you need to have rich natural grass between these small spaces and see the magic they create. This asymmetrical wide stones along with the natural lively grass create a uniquely beautiful effect on your garden.

4. Glossy stones create magic
You can create a pathway with either round or rectangular shape of large glossy stones. The glossy stones along with the greenery give a soothing eye background. Gray to black and other dark coloured stepping natural stones create a fascinating touch to your garden.

6. Straight and symmetrical stone stepping
The classic age-old path is always one of the best options. You can create a straight path with symmetrical stones of the same size and shape. They can be square-shaped stones, rectangular or even circular shaped stones. An equal and standard distance must be maintained while creating this path.

At Aushen Stones, we are one of the leading providers of natural stone in Melbourne. We are a one-stop-shop for all your stone paving needs. Contact us and have a word with our experts who shall guide you to a beautifully alluring garden space with natural stones.

Natural Stones the Best for Your Fire Places
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Why Are Natural Stones the Best for Your Fire Places?

The fall has started and so is the time to prepare for the upcoming winters. It can be rightly said that the best winter evenings are spent getting cozy next to a roaring fire. The fireplace is the most dominant element of your sitting area and we know that you want it to look nothing less than a piece of class and elegance. At Aushenstone, we understand that you want the fireplace design to complement the rest of your abode. Remember choosing the correct fireplace stone and design requires a look of style, cost, labour and maintenance. These are the biggest factors that need to be taken into consideration.

The most elegant material that can be used for designing a fireplace is natural stone. The perfect amalgamation of elegance, durability and efficiency make the natural stones the ideal choice. Don’t believe us yet? Then, here are the reasons stating why natural stones are the best for your fireplace.

Natural Stones Retain Heat

Natural stones have a reputation to absorb, store and radiate heat. This improves the efficiency of your home as the warmth radiates throughout your abode.

Extremely Low Maintainance

The most expected yet one of the best features of natural stone is that it is easy to maintain. All you have to do is either wipe it with a cloth or dust every now and then.

Lost Lasting

Remember the oldest building material is natural stone. Today, if we see and just have a look at the magnificent ancient buildings around the world, we can easily make out that stone survives while other materials wither away.


Natural stone is indestructible. Yes, you read it right. It is extremely difficult to destruct stones as it can easily handle the wear and tear without falling apart. It is also extremely resistant to water damage and mould.

Natural Stone Fireplaces
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Ideas That Beautify Your Cozy Fireplace

We all love a comforting, warm and homely atmosphere to any space. The flickering flames at our fireplaces create a pleasant and inviting vibe to our interiors. A fireplace is more than a grate and hearth. It is a synonym to home and therefore designing and decorating the fireplace is fundamental. Here are three things that you can choose to give that cherished vibe to your humble abode.

Natural Stone Fireplace is the Norm

Gone is the dinosaur age, where you just pulled the biggest and heaviest rock and slapped it for your kitchen use. Now no one uses stones to strike fire and cook but there sure is a fireplace to give that comforting warmth while spending time with friends and family. The best way to decorate it is by using natural stones. Natural textures coupled with different tones, stones provide a simple yet splendid look to your fireplace. So while designing a fireplace, it’s best to go for natural stones because there is absolutely no match for natural beauty.

Play with Stone Colours

Stone fireplaces are already a unique feature but only when the right colour is chosen. You can either go for a trendy and style setter or maybe just the classic rusty look but make sure to always note the actual colour of your stone. Some of the best stone shade combinations include pale green, light yellow, rusty red, soft browns and the superior light or dark greys. Pro Tip: You can always take a sample of your carpet or paint choice to line up with the stones while choosing the colour.

The Right Cut

If you want to leave your unique fingerprint with your fireplace design, you need to get the right cut of your stones. When you step into the market there would be ample of fancy words like Castle-rock, Ledge Cut, Random Height, Field-Stone, Dimensional or just a blend of multiple cuts. Remember each cut is extremely different. Right from the giant bed face stones of castle-rock to those thin stacked modern look of a Ledge cut, you have a wide range to choose from.

natural stone pavers
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How to Maintain Natural Stone Pavers and Keep Them New?

Being a homeowner, you have added charm and elegance to your property by laying paving stones on the patio, driveway and pool deck. Natural stone pavers are attractive and durable, thus offering an excellent option to beautify your property.

Once the pavers have been laid, it’s essential to keep them in good condition. When you take proper care of pavers, they tend to last for decades. The following simple steps will help you keep your paving stones look new for years:

    1. Regular Cleaning

Keeping the paving stones clean of debris, dry leaves and dirt is one of the most effective ways to maintain its appearance. It is recommended to give your paved area a good sweep once a week. Besides, make sure you clean the dry leaves during the rainy days to avoid stains on your expensive natural stone pavers.

    1. Wash it with a Pressure Cleaner

Using a pressure cleaner, wash your pavers once a week or a fortnight. This removes the majority of dirt and grime which is difficult to remove using a broom. Pressure wash helps in getting rid of the built up grime and dust. Moreover, it even pulls out the tough dirt out of the pores while cleaning the grout. Besides, it can help to remove mould or moss growth.

    1. Apply a Sealant regularly

Do you know that you can keep the pavers appear new and shine by applying a sealant? Make sure you use the sealant, once the stones are cleaned and dried thoroughly. The sealant helps in prevention of dirt and stains from seeping through the surface, making it easier to clean the area.

    1. Getting Rid of Moss & Mould

If your paved area has water clogging problem, you may notice thick moss and mould growth. Although a pressure washer removes these growths, it doesn’t kill them off completely. Luckily, various products can be applied to kill off mould and moss.

    1. Replacement

On some odd occasions, one of the pavers might get severely damaged or stained beyond repair. In such situations, it becomes essential to replace only the damaged stone without touching the other stones. One of the most effective ways to avoid such damage is to use a wet mortar bed for installation. This will provide the necessary resistance to corrosion from above and prevent the crack from spreading to other stones.

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