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How to Maintain Natural Stone Pavers and Keep Them New?

Being a homeowner, you have added charm and elegance to your property by laying paving stones on the patio, driveway and pool deck. Natural stone pavers are attractive and durable, thus offering an excellent option to beautify your property.

Once the pavers have been laid, it’s essential to keep them in good condition. When you take proper care of pavers, they tend to last for decades. The following simple steps will help you keep your paving stones look new for years:

  1. Regular Cleaning –  Keeping the paving stones clean of debris, dry leaves and dirt is one of the most effective ways to maintain its appearance. It is recommended to give your paved area a good sweep once a week. Besides, make sure you clean the dry leaves during the rainy days to avoid stains on your expensive natural stone pavers.
  2. Wash it with a Pressure Cleaner – Using a pressure cleaner, wash your pavers once a week or a fortnight. This removes the majority of dirt and grime which is difficult to remove using a broom. Pressure wash helps in getting rid of the built up grime and dust. Moreover, it even pulls out the tough dirt out of the pores while cleaning the grout. Besides, it can help to remove mould or moss growth.
  3. Apply a Sealant regularly – Do you know that you can keep the pavers appear new and shine by applying a sealant? Make sure you use the sealant, once the stones are cleaned and dried thoroughly. The sealant helps in prevention of dirt and stains from seeping through the surface, making it easier to clean the area.
  4. Getting Rid of Moss & Mould – If your paved area has water clogging problem, you may notice thick moss and mould growth. Although a pressure washer removes these growths, it doesn’t kill them off completely. Luckily, various products can be applied to kill off mould and moss.
  5. Replacement – On some odd occasions, one of the pavers might get severely damaged or stained beyond repair. In such situations, it becomes essential to replace only the damaged stone without touching the other stones. One of the most effective ways to avoid such damage is to use a wet mortar bed for installation. This will provide the necessary resistance to corrosion from above and prevent the crack from spreading to other stones.
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Written by Aushen Stone & Tile

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There’s nothing as luxurious and elegant as stone pavers. They don’t just give an attractive appeal to your property, but also provide a stable and decorative surface for a wide range of outdoor areas like patios, driveways or pathways.

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