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Upkeep Your Synthetic Turf In Melbourne With These Winter Tips

The biggest reason why everyone is moving towards synthetic turf in Melbourne is because of its year-round resilience. Wherever you live and whatever the temperature is, the maintenance of an advanced turf is easier compared to your natural back yard.

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Maintain Natural Turf
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How to Install and Maintain Natural Turf

At Aushenstone, we know and understand turf. Our experts are committed to assisting you to achieve your dream backyard. We understand that growing or installing and maintaining a healthy lawn naturally and organically is difficult. Our experts, therefore, share the steps that you need to follow to install and maintain a beautiful natural turf.

Measure Your Site

The first step in installing a natural turf is to know how many square meters of lawn you would need. This can be done by measuring the marked out lawn area.

Prepare the Site

Once you have measured the site, the next step is to prepare it for the installation. Our experts recommended checking the site thoroughly and remove all weeds and grass. You can do this by spraying the area with a glyphosate-based chemical. Leave the area for a week after spraying the herbicide and then remove all the dead or dying weeds.

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Natural Lawn vs Synthetic Lawn
Written by Aushen Stone & Tile

Natural Lawn or Synthetic Lawn – What’s Your Choice?

At Aushen Stone, we understand the difference between natural lawn and synthetic lawn or artificial turf. It is, however, on all our clients as to which turf they prefer more for their homes. Here, is some knowledge from our experts that might assist you in choosing the right turf for your homes.

A natural lawn is known to purify the air and improve its air quality. They generate a good amount of life-supporting oxygen. It is reported that a 50-square-foot lawn produces enough oxygen to meet the daily needs of four people. Also, natural lawns generate significant amounts of life-supporting oxygen. Did you know Lawn grasses cool themselves and their surroundings? This is a boon against the harsh Australian climate as natural lawns would actually assist in reducing the home cooling needs.

Natural lawns are renowned for reducing environmental contamination. The natural turf grasses actually trap and store carbon thus saving the environment from global warming. Another major environmental benefit of a natural lawn is that it purifies rainwater thus improving groundwater quality. Thus it can be rightly said that natural lawn is a sustainable and environmentally sound choice.

Artificial grass or synthetic lawn is a better alternative to real grass. With, synthetic lawn from Aushen Stone, it will be difficult to recognize the difference between artificial and real grass. It feels like actual grass in both look and feel. At Aushen Stone, we understand the fast life of Australians and synthetic lawn is just a way to save time. Many people would love to spend quality time with their family on a weekend instead of going out in the backyard and maintaining their lawn. Synthetic turf also eliminates the use of harmful insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers as there would be hardly any pests that get attracted to natural grass. With a synthetic lawn, you not only save water but also the life expectancy of synthetic turf is long as the grass won’t wither or die.

Natural lawn or Artificial lawn, whatever is your choice, we at Aushen Stone, are here to provide you with all assistance and high-quality products.

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