TEDTM  – The efflorescence destroyer, safer, buffer, acidic cleaner. Removes efflorescence and rust marks from porous materials including stone, concrete brick and grout.

  • Effectively removes mineral residues, including efflorescence, grout haze, rust marks, soap scum, lime scale, mortar mess.
  • Highly concentrated formulation. UREA HYDROCHLORIDE (30 – 60%). Non-hazardous ingredients (remainder)
  • Powerful, low fuming.

Special buffered acid formulation causes almost no corrosion to metals, except uncoated aluminium. Not for use on acid sensitive surfaces.

Protection: Removal of efflorescence and rust marks from porous materials. Not for use on acidic sensitive surfaces

Suitable Surfaces: Stone, concrete, masonry and grout

Available Sizes: 1L, 5