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Consider These Reasons To Integrate Travertine Pavers For your Melbourne Home

You may have already heard of travertine tiles, but how much do you know about travertine pavers? These natural stone pavers are made of the same material as the tiles, but are thicker and primarily designed for use in patios, backyards and outdoor driveways.

With that being said, here are five more things that you might not know about travertine pavers that could affect your patio or backyard paver option.

They are flexible and versatile.

Travertine pavers come in a wide range of colours and finishes so that your pavers can be customised to match the exterior of your house. You may choose from shades such as white, gold and walnut, for example, to find the colour of your pavers in Melbourne that fits the rest of your outdoor décor perfectly.

You will also be able to put together a complex pattern or design based on the pavers you get after you’ve selected a colour. – stone is different from the last, which means that there are countless ways to bring them together to make an attractive finished product.

As far as finishing is concerned, the one you pick depends on where the pavers are going to be used. Patio pavers have tumbled, porous surfaces that make them suitable for pool areas, while chiselled edges and honed surfaces for tyre traction are available for driveway pavers.

Easy Maintenance

Choosing pavers in Melbourne that will only produce more work in your yard is no fun, but you don’t have to think about that with travertine pavers. These pavers are solid, resilient and immune to the accumulation of discolouration and debris, so all you have to do is give your driveway or patio a good wash every now and then with the hose.

Plus, travertine is immune to freezing and thawing, so you won’t have to worry about the temperatures destroying the stone if you live in an environment where the weather changes very often. Finally, if a travertine paver is ever destroyed due to an accident, the paver in question can easily be replaced without damaging the surrounding stones.

Travertine Pavers Protect Your Pools

If you’ve been searching for ways for your family and friends to make your pool safer, look no further! By offering a stable, slip-resistant surface, travertine pool pavers improve the protection of your pool area. The stones are naturally rough, and when they’re wet, they get more so, which is particularly a bonus for areas that would otherwise be slipping hazards.

Melbourne’s Pavers Are Soothing

You know how hot it can get in the sun if you’ve ever had a patio or walkway built with other kinds of stone. This is including brick, which can make walking on them unpleasant, particularly if you’re bare feet in a pool area. But the coolness of the earth underneath them is absorbed by travertine pavers, not the hot sun above, so they can remain cool and relaxed even on the hottest days.

Wrapping Up

Think again if you’ve been reluctant to buy travertine because you think it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. Melbourne’s natural stone pavers from Aushen Stone are inexpensive and, in the long run, make a perfect investment because, even if you end up selling your house, they will retain their beauty for years to come.

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