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Formed from cooled and solidified volcanic magma – granite is renowned for the hardest dimension from all natural stone types. It was avoided by stone fabricators during the historic times due to the harder working properties, but holds a major example of strength through the Red Pyramid of ancient Egypt. Majorly constituting feldspar, quartz and other important minerals, this natural stone is widely used due to its strength, resilience and wide variety of granite shades. Generally characterized by small and natural flecks, the granite flooring offers a dramatic mix of striking depth and rich colors. Widely used for pool coping, granite is the natural stone you are looking for!

With an impression of being massive, hard and tough – the granite has gained widespread popularity as a construction stone. The natural granite is extremely heat resistant, scratch resistant, chip resistant and provides low porosity, making it an ideal choice for robust indoor and outdoor applications. These properties make it an ideal choice for flooring, kitchen bench tops and areas which suffer external cladding.

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Natural granite paving is perfect for adding a modern look and feel to any outdoor garden space. Combined with a wide range of colours, textures and sizes, the granite is a natural stone paving option for all residential, commercial outdoor and indoor scale designs. You can also use granite pavers Melbourne for extensive hard landscaping and poolside paving. The biggest advantage of this application is that the granite pavers Melbourne won’t ever chip with the hard wearing granite.

Pool Coping

Granite coping is ideal for achieving complete weather durable finish around the hot tubs, pools, doors, windows and walls. The granite pool coping with granite pool coping tiles adds a unique feeling to your pool. Additionally, the silver grey granite coping stones can provide a stylish solution for modern gardens.


These add a natural stone finish and elegance to gardens, patio and decks. The granite cobbles can also be connected in a tile-like fashion with a mesh backing. This forms an appealing geometric module for easy installation in special designs. With a wide range of rectangular and square sizes, the granite cobbles can prove as a timeless feature to paths, driveways, edging and other outdoor areas.


Granite carries natural beauty with the igneous rock formation from lava. This gives the stone a huge variation in color due to varied mineral content, including shimmering flecks and even crystals.

  1. Steel Grey Granite : With flecks of light grey and great visual appeal, this color with a polished finish is perfect complement to stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and contrast furnishings.
  2. Black Pearl Granite : Making a bold statement with stunning variations in gold, silver, green, grey and brown – this form of granite offers a great metallic sheen. Moreover, it is available in brushed and polished finishes.
  3. Caledonia Granite : This variant features beautiful shades of pale grey to deep charcoal grey. Grey being the hot favourite in interior designing, this colour makes it easier to coordinate other elements in the decor.
  4. Premium Black Granite : With an elegance of solid and glossy black natural stone, this colour is extremely versatile. With different finishes, this granite is matchless.
  5. New Venetian Gold : Perfect for neutral decor and lightings, this colour would never go out of trend. This variant includes shades of beige and gold, along with red, brown and grey highlights. There is no other color which can lift up the mood of the decor with a cheerful glow.