Maintain Natural Turf
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How to Install and Maintain Natural Turf

At Aushen Stone & Tile, we know and understand turf. Our experts are committed to assisting you to achieve your dream backyard. We understand that growing or installing and maintaining a healthy lawn naturally and organically is difficult. Our experts, therefore, share the steps that you need to follow to install and maintain a beautiful natural turf.

Measure Your Site

The first step in installing a natural turf is to know how many square meters of lawn you would need. This can be done by measuring the marked out lawn area.

Prepare the Site

Once you have measured the site, the next step is to prepare it for the installation. Our experts recommended checking the site thoroughly and remove all weeds and grass. You can do this by spraying the area with a glyphosate-based chemical. Leave the area for a week after spraying the herbicide and then remove all the dead or dying weeds.

Prepare the Soil

Once you have prepared the site, the next step is to prepare the soil. If your soil is already sandy and not hard setting then all you need to do is turn it over and level it. You can also add some organic compost to help and hold water in the topsoil. But, if you have a poor, heavy or clay soil, the top layer of the soil will have to be removed to allow the fresh sandy loam to be on the top. You can also connect to any of our experts who will guide you about your soil type. After the soil is prepared, our experts recommend using a rake to level the soil. A leveled soil will be needed for the installation of natural turf.

Install an Irrigation System

If you plan on using an irrigation system, then our experts say that it should be installed before adding loam and putting the turf down. Today, irrigation systems are not only water-efficient but also a time-convenient. They keep your lawn luscious green.

Maintain Natural Turf

Laying the Turf

Our experts from Aushen Stone recommend that the turf should be laid and installed by experts but if you are looking forward to doing it yourself then the first thing is to remove the plastic, give it a light water treatment and begin rolling it as soon as possible. The grass is in a rolled-up state and can deteriorate quickly so it is advised that the turf is laid the same day. While rolling out the turf, make sure to butt the rolls closely so that there are no gaps

The First Month Maintenance

The first month after the installation of the turf is very critical. You need to make sure it doesn’t dry out. Watering your natural turf is solely dependent on the temperature. If you are laying your turf in the warmer months, then watering the turf three times a day is recommended. As it starts getting colder, you can gradually reduce the watering. Our experts from Aushenstone strictly say that you should never let your turf dry out while it is establishing.


After two to three months of installing a new lawn, it is recommended to carry out a regular fertilizing program. A proper and correct fertilizing program ensures less water use, deeper grass colour, greater resistance to pests and diseases and greater environmental hardiness.

At Aushen Stone, we provide you with the finest quality natural turf to give a new life to your backyard. Connect with us on 03 9585 7005 to know more.


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