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Formed at the sea bed and pressurised to become durable, yet porous – we all have heard about those elegant limestone flooring. Available in variety of colors, limestone is a naturally warm and beautiful natural stone. Characterised by versatility and practicality, limestone is a perennial favourite for heavily trafficked areas in many commercial and residential projects. It consists of an array of colors, textures, finishes and sizes. When used around the indoors and outdoors of any property, this stone can easily compliment the other elements of the decor. Available on honed, brushed, tumbled, polished and other finishes – the limestone has everything that a creative decor can imagine.

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The Best Benefits of Limestone Flooring

Offering superior comfort and high resistance, the classic limestone flooring adds an old-world elegance to the decor. It also offers high design versatility and is absolutely perfect choice for your flooring. Creating sophisticated atmosphere with muted tones and patterns, they are an ideal choice for a comfortable touch to floors.

  1. Easy Maintenance : Resistant to microorganisms and molds, limestone is a fabulous choice for bathrooms outdoor entertainment areas, pool surrounds or the patios. This flooring only needs regular sweeping and occasional mopping.
  2. High Durability : They are moderately soft to touch and comfortable to walk on, without compromising the durability. Retaining their structure for a longer time, the limestones can tolerate spills and accidents. Additionally, with advanced aluminium oxide coating, they provide stain and wear resistance.
  3. Cost-effectiveness : Limestone flooring elevates the luxurious appearance of the floors and surrounding decor, at affordable costs and without a hole in the pocket.
  4. Versatility : With naturally-inspired options in designs, these limestones come in a rich range of colors, veining patterns, textures and finishes. Moreover, as these stones are natural, they come in unique patterns which are exclusive for your floors.