HIDE Linear Drain Covers for Tile/Stone inlay.

The most discreet and removable, grate-free external drain cover available. This low-maintenance system will collect less foliage and features a removable HIDE® cover for easy, effective cleaning around your pool and patio.

HIDE Linear Kits are available in three depths to suit 12mm, 20mm and 30mm tile or stone thicknesses.

HIDE Covers are compatible with Everhard Easy Drain and Reln Storm Mate channels (not supplied)

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1. Linear Lid Kit

  • 1 x linear lid 1210mm
  • 5 x linear bridges
  • 5 x height/level levellers
  • 2 x adhesive

2. Mitred Corner Kit

  • 1 x left-hand mitred corner lid
  • 1 x right-hand mitred corner lid
  • 8 x linear bridges & levellers
  • 1 x corner bridge & leveller
  • 4 x adhesive

3. Finishing Kit

One finishing pack per project

  • 1 x access key/Tab key.
  • 2 end caps. (Finish both ends of one completed channel cover)
  • 1 x stainless steel cutting disk

4. End Caps

A Finishing detail option for multiple butting modular pieces or as finishing for any additional channel lengths. Set of two per pack.

5. Body Tile Edge Trims

  • Optional, two lengths of  1210mm trim, to suit either 10, 20, or 30mm stone/tile
  • Stainless steel trim to match the finish of the surrounding tiles to the cover.

6. System Overview and Installation tips

A brief introduction to components & installation: Youtube