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Make Your Outdoor Flooring a Visual Delight with Natural Stones

Everyone loves outdoors as much as they love their indoors. Right from outdoor Sunday brunches to a casual afternoon tea and poolside parties and even amazing BBQ experience, your outdoors is your special place. You want an outdoor that can withstand any weather condition, require low maintenance and stay looking as good as new for many years. Today, there are ample landscaping options for your garden and outdoor flooring options. This raises the question of whether the natural stone is worth the extra cost and time to install and is it the best option.

Natural stone has an authentic and natural finish that brings life to your outdoors. It can stand extreme weather conditions and is extremely low maintenance. Natural stone flooring can stay new-looking for years. Natural stones add beauty to your home and outdoors. Today, many distinct varieties of natural stones are available to suit the look and feel you prefer. Here are the two best options from our end to give your outdoors that perfect aesthetic appeal.


Bluestone is not always blue. Available in a range of colours, bluestone is a natural stone that gives your patio an eclectic-yet-elegant look. It is a tough stone which is able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Bluestone is the right choice around pools as it has a rough surface allowing the pedestrians to maintain a firm grip while walking. Bluestone is easy to clean. You can use water and brush and eco-friendly stain removers, in case of stains.


A member of the limestone family, Travertine, is formed when minerals dissolve in groundwater and then rise to the earth’s surface. Travertine comes with a very unique advantage. This natural stone stays cool even after being baked in the hot sun. This makes travertine one of the best choices for outdoors.

Today, there are several outdooring flooring options. Natural stones give your outdoors an exquisite look. Aushen Stone & Tiles is a one-stop-shop when it comes to natural stone pavers in Melbourne. We have extensive ranges of natural stone pavers and tiles that are used in both indoor and outdoor areas. Connect with us today for the best outdoor designs using natural stones.

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