Natural Stone Mosaics Australia

What about bringing your homes and commercial spaces to life by natural stone mosaics in Australia? These stones are perfect to create a customised experience with looks ranging from rustic to luxurious. The collaboration of various natural stone mosaics placed in definitive patterns to create a sleek style is definitely a stunner in any decor. Moreover, the mosaics provide unlimited unique fixing styles and can be used alone or in combinations to achieve dramatic effects.

The mosaics from natural stones offer plenty of features to get excited about. They are perfect of you are remodelling the kitchen, upgrading the bathroom. Reinventing the flooring or renovating the outdoor spaces. Available in many shapes and designs, they can also have customised finishes just like other natural stones – polished, honed, tumbled or beveled.

Our Work

Sandringham Travertine Pool

Pool, Sandringham, Travertine

Sandringham BlueStone Cladding

Bluestone, Coping, Sandringham

Sorrento 2

Mordialloc, Paver, Sandstone

Unique Natural Stone Mosaics

The natural stone mosaics have great variations in travertine, marble, pebbles, stones, granite and many other natural stones. With a range of colours, textures and finishes – the mosaics are perfect for the artistic elements and ideas in construction and reconstruction projects.

  • Pebbles – Shaved, Mini, Jumbo
  • Random Tiles
  • Flat stone
  • Sea glass
  • Hopscotch
  • Large Interlock
  • Standing Stones
  • Zebra Collection
  • Medallions
  • Wall Cladding
  • Fixed Dimension Solids for borders

The natural stone mosaics surfaces are known to adorn the interior spaces for thousands of years. With intricate designs and longevity, there is no denial to the beauty of these mosaics. Primarily used in high moisture areas – these marble, limestone, slate, granite, quartzite and travertine derivatives have not lost their charm even in the 21st century.

Aushen Stone & Tile features a range of natural stones cut into diverse pieces which can be hand placed on a mesh to create a playful mosaic. These tiles interlock as four-sides stones, resulting in a seamless natural stone surface. What is more beautiful than a perfectly collaborated natural stone mosaic?