Natural Stones Decor Ideas for a Garden
Written by Aushen Stone & Tile

Natural Stones Decor Ideas for an Alluring Garden

A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and beauty, it teaches industry and thrift. It is the epitome of beauty. Having your own beautiful garden is having your own stress free and therapy zone. Here are five ideas from Aushen Stone that can assist you in making your heaven enchanting with natural stones.

1. Pathway of different sizes of circular stepping stones
You can bring out a completely different charm to your garden by creating a pathway with circular stones. Circular shape stepping stones on a rich pasture bring out an aesthetic appeal. The funny-looking paths would prove to be an incredible walk in your garden.

2. Narrow limestone pathway
A narrow pathway made from limestones in a lustrous spectrum of your backyard garden gives your heaven an enchanting look. An arrangement of irregularly shaped limestones paves a path for a beautiful walk with your loved one. You can go for a walk barefoot alone or with your special one and feel the natural beauty under your feet.

3. Grass and Asymmetrical large stepping stone
Try to create a seamless walking path by fitting stones edge to edge. We know getting an edge to edge fitting is never possible and here you need to have rich natural grass between these small spaces and see the magic they create. This asymmetrical wide stones along with the natural lively grass create a uniquely beautiful effect on your garden.

4. Glossy stones create magic
You can create a pathway with either round or rectangular shape of large glossy stones. The glossy stones along with the greenery give a soothing eye background. Gray to black and other dark coloured stepping natural stones create a fascinating touch to your garden.

6. Straight and symmetrical stone stepping
The classic age-old path is always one of the best options. You can create a straight path with symmetrical stones of the same size and shape. They can be square-shaped stones, rectangular or even circular shaped stones. An equal and standard distance must be maintained while creating this path.

At Aushen Stone & Tile, we are one of the leading providers of natural stone in Melbourne. We are a one-stop-shop for all your stone paving needs. Contact us and have a word with our experts who shall guide you to a beautifully alluring garden space with natural stones.

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