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Omg! The Best Exterior Wall Cladding Designs Ever!

One of the best ways to protect your building from the harsh Aussie sun is opting for wall cladding. Wall cladding is a vital element that not only protects your home but also makes it an eye-catcher. Today a vast number of interior decorators and designers are looking to find ways to enhance the appearance of a home. Natural stones can instantly transform any living space into a natural and organic feel. Wall cladding done with natural stone brings in an aesthetic appeal and enhances the beauty of your home in a rugged way. Stonewall cladding Melbourne is one of the most visually dramatic design features of your home that can directly raise the cost and value of your home. Your home exterior is the first opportunity to make an impression and here are some designs to give your exteriors the wow look with stone wall cladding.

  • Stonewall Cladding at the Entrance –

    Now lay a long-lasting impression on your guests by using stylish textural design of natural stone right next to your entrance door. The second design option that can be used for stone wall cladding is rustic and organic stones. Rustic and Organic has its own unique charm and character which would work wonderfully against the contemporary front door. If you have a wooden door then the third option is best for you. Our third option is of neutral tone stones. Neutral stones add a chic ambience that is enhanced by the gorgeous timber tones of your door.

  • Stonewall cladding for your outdoor fireplace –

    Fireplaces add a comforting ambience in any setting and a great addition to any outdoor living space. Stonewall cladding adds an organic element to your landscape. Whether you choose bluestone, granite, sandstone or limestone you will get a serene look for your outdoor fireplace with natural stone wall cladding.

  • Stonewall Cladding for Facades –

    Stonewall cladding adds elegance and a sense of history to your home. A well built and designed facade says a lot about your likes, choice and personality. Minimal decor, and getting an exterior wall matching the decor is a fast developing trend in Melbourne homes.

Stonewall cladding is quickly gaining popularity in Melbourne homes. Stonewall cladding is a versatile decor trend is used almost in any part of your home. At Aushen Stone we are your ideal one-stop destination for all your stone requirements. We provide you with a wide range of both interior and exterior stone wall cladding in Melbourne. You can connect with our team on 03 9585 7005 to know more.

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