Reconstituted stone is a beautiful alternative to natural stone. It is primarily made of marble dust, granite granules or glass chips mixed with polyester bases or resin. Offering high quality durability and cost-effectiveness, this stone can be cast into molds and custom requirements. With mechanical properties of pre-cast concrete, the reconstituted stone is used for window sills, door surrounds, cladding, coping, pier caps, stepping, planters and quoins. It is perfect for modern, rustic and classical aesthetics. Additionally, it comes with some irresistible key features, such as, versatility, distinctive architectural styling and incredible range of options.

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Reconstituted V/S Natural Stone

Reconstituted stone is chosen as the cheaper alternative to the natural stone for a construction or development projects. Additionally, there are many other factors which need to be considered to understand the benefits involved with reconstituted counterparts.

Eco-friendly option

Easier to source, they often have the tendency to outperform natural stone. They are a fantastic choice for most of the constructions, as they can withstand extreme weather conditions. Moreover, their recycled nature makes them an eco-friendly choice.


Reconstituted stones use the finest materials and processes to create a range of customised styles which are suitable for landscapes and architectural designs. They complement other construction materials with ease and be used in variety of indoor and outdoor applications.


This stone can stand the test of time and looks as good as new for years. It has highly competitive features like chip resistance, stain resistance, crack resistance and no porosity.

Cheaper and economical

It is less expensive and can accomplish construction and reconstruction projects at a lesser price. There is no better way to to save money and also get the best properties from a stone.

Great options

The form of stone offers an unlimited range of colour combinations. This ensures that the construction, architecture, design, or development project gets the right blend of contrast and color.