Sandstone Pavers And Tiles in Melbourne

The sandstones pavers take millions of years to develop as the most characterised stone surface materials. The subtle texture of sandstone sets it apart from the pitted surface options of other natural stones. With an unique natural and tactile texture due to visible grains and layering, the sandstone tiles has an earthy appearance. Additionally, they provide a smoother finish and cleaner cut than limestones. Since ancient times, it has proven itself as the best match for reliable flooring. Sandstone is undoubtedly a fantastic option for flooring and looks great, easy to maintain and is highly affordable. It is available in a huge range of tones and textures – honed, shot blasted, sandblasted, brushed antique and much more.

With softness that makes it easier to crave, the sandstone is used for domestic construction since historic era. It is synonymous with construction of temples, homes, cathedrals and other public buildings. Sanstone tiles and pavers are also used by artists to create statues and fountains with ornamental looks.

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Advantages Of Sandstone Flooring

Sandstone floors are beautiful, sturdy and extremely durable. Today, more than ever and with creative flooring trends, the beauty of natural sandstone is a favourite choice of builders, interior designers and architects.

  1. The lifespan of a sandstone floor is known for centuries. The old castles still exist during the modern times, proving the durability of sandstone flooring.
  2. Natural sandstone has a very natural and pleasing aesthetic impact.
  3. The sandstone floors increase the valuation of a property, promising a high resale value.
  4. They make an eco-friendly impact with a natural feeling below the feet.
  5. Sandstone is relatively soft and can be easily carved into various shapes easily.