HIDE Skimmer Lid& Access Covers – Polymer

HIDE ‘Polymer Kits’ consist of a polymer Lid and Edge Protector. The Polymer Edge Protector has been designed to suit installations only where bonding (earthing) is unachievable.

HIDE Polymer Kits are available in a Skimmer Lid size 342mm square and a matching Access Cover size 206mm square. Polymer products have a 5-year warranty.

HIDE is the proven industry leader for safe key-only access to skimmer boxes and pool equipment.

HIDE’s unique and patented operating system provides superior safety and reliability for pool owners and conforms to Australian standards compliance for pool builders, as it cannot be lifted by hand.

If you are looking for a Bond-Free solution with a Stainless Steel Lid (20-year warranty) – Click here

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