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Spectacular Benefits of Synthetic Turf in Melbourne

Synthetic grass is an excellent alternative to traditional lawns. Synthetic lawn in Melbourne beautifies your outdoor garden. Synthetic turf in Melbourne is just like natural turf in Melbourne. It looks and feels realistic. Advanced turf is greener all year round and has impeccable benefits. Here are some of the exquisite advantages of installing artificial grass in your lawn.

Child Safe & Perfect for the Whole Family

The grass in an advanced turf and is not real. This means children cannot pull it off while playing. Synthetic Grass is great for the entire family. This is because of the rubber and sand that make up the matting that the grass itself is inset into. The matting of synthetic turf in Melbourne makes the grass soft and strong underfoot. Whether you plan a barbecue on a weekend or just a playground for your child, an artificial lawn is one of the safest choices.

No Water & Low Maintenance

The biggest advantages of synthetic turf in Melbourne is that it doesn’t need water at all. It saves thousands of litres of water over the entire life of your lawn. It also helps in saving big dollars on your water bills. Another benefit is that the synthetic lawn in Melbourne is maintenance-free. Apart from saving water and water bills, you don’t have to worry about fertilisation, weed removal and more.

Durable & Green Year-Round

Aushen Stone provides you with a synthetic turf that is made up of high-quality materials and complies with the Australian standards. This makes it durable for the long term. In addition to this artificial lawn is also free from damage like sunlight, rain or harsh climatic conditions unlike the natural turf in Melbourne. Our advanced lawn is of superior quality that stays green throughout the year and provides you with a visual treat.

Our team at Aushen Stone is extremely friendly and ready to assist you with all your turf needs. Connect with us today.

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