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Upkeep Your Synthetic Turf In Melbourne With These Winter Tips

The biggest reason why everyone is moving towards synthetic turf in Melbourne is because of its year-round resilience. Wherever you live and whatever the temperature is, the maintenance of an advanced turf is easier compared to your natural back yard.

The season of fall is here and we shall soon have the winters. Our instant turf in Melbourne requires hardly any maintenance but when you care for your backyard, it becomes everyone’s favourite place for a nice bonfire evening. Make your backyard, the perfect destination that is loved by all your friends and family by adopting these easy winter care tips for your artificial grass.

Make Sure Your Lawn Is Secured

The change of seasons might have an impact on the materials that are used to secure your lawn. So, when winter is just around the corner, check the nails and make sure your lawn is firmly secured or not. If not, it is the best time to call in professionals and get it done.

Easy Clean Through Brushing

During the fall season, the leaves would keep changing their colours and dropping from the trees. They can be carried by the wind and can get settled anywhere including your backyard. The best way to clean this debris is brushing using a broom. Always remember to brush in all directions for effective cleaning.

Use Right Tools

While brushing the debris, you need to use a broom that is gentle and yet effective on your artificial turf in Melbourne. It is, therefore, highly recommended to use the right equipment. Whether it is a rake or a leaf blower, confirm the perfect equipment with the provider of your instant turf in Melbourne.

Remove Stains Quick

One of the most important tips and care that you should take is if your artificial grass is stained, you need to clean it up quickly so it doesn’t settle down. Using a hose and water will do the needful and in extreme cases only when there is a strong stain that is dried up, you would need assistance.

Advanced Turf is made to stand weather elements and look fresh always. They give an aesthetic appeal to your backyard. At Aushen Stone & Tiles we provide you with the best instant turf in Melbourne. Right from purchasing to laying out and installing the synthetic turf, our team is on toes to provide you with all the support. Connect with us today.

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