Architectural Stone & Exterior Wall Cladding in Melbourne

What is more beautiful than an artistic combination of natural stones and different textures, carved to create stunning designs for indoor and outdoor decor? Stone wall cladding Melbourne is the decorative covering which is externally placed on the walls for aesthetic appeal.  The whole concept is based on making the wall look as if it is made from a different material than the one actually used.

Wall cladding Melbourne is a hassle-free way to create statement walls which are a ‘must-have’ for any unique interior design. This adds an artistic element to all the residential and commercial projects. Moreover, it is preferred by builders, architects and interior designers because they don’t impact the stability of the building’s architectural core. Mostly designed as a permanent change, architectural stone cladding can also provide waterproofing and insulation. It can be made using a wide range of materials, but Aushen Stone & Tiles specialises in natural stone wall cladding Melbourne in Australia.

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Sandringham Travertine Pool

Pool, Sandringham, Travertine

Sandringham BlueStone Cladding

Bluestone, Coping, Sandringham

Sorrento 2

Mordialloc, Paver, Sandstone

Key Features Of Wall Cladding

Specially designed for the urban environment, exterior wall cladding Melbourne is done through pre-fabricated panels which can be attached to the existing structural frame of the building.

  • It can be designed to control air leakage, condensation, insulation
  • Highly beneficial in prevention of water penetration and drainage
  • It accents a particular feature of any decor or room
  • It gives an illusion of warmth and depth
  • Proves as a better option that than re-building a wall or partition
  • Can be easily affixed to the top of the existing wall or structure
  • Provides protection to the building from external damage, with minimum maintenance
  • Transform outdoors, interiors and other commercial spaces into a beautiful experience with stone cladding Melbourne