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Why Bluestone Tiles in Melbourne Are Best For Pool Coping?

Poolside… Loved ones… A cool and calm evening…

Sounds fun. Right?

You can simply enhance this fun by installing bluestone tiles around your swimming pool. It helps your pool deck to escape the hot evenings and remain cool, especially during summer.

However, when it comes to pool coping in Melbourne, one of the significant concerns among pool owners is slip accidents. This is where bluestone pool coping in Melbourne becomes more important.

Usually, natural stones with P5 non-slip ratings are considered the best to use for wet areas. As it happens to be, bluestone is one of the few natural stones that come with the highest non-slip ratings, making it the best option to install around the pool.

Reasons To Choose Bluestone Tiles in Melbourne For Pool Coping

Unlike artificial paving materials, natural bluestone tiles are preferred by many people for pool coping in Melbourne due to their many advantages. Here are some reasons why you should go for bluestone pool coping in Melbourne:

  1. The rough texture and smooth surface of bluestone tiles create a perfect combination for a safe and stable pool deck.
  2. Ideal for organising pool parties and barbecue due to its durability and slip-resistant properties.
  3. Has a high non-slip rating of P5, which is far better than concrete and other local paving tiles.
  4. One of the thickest materials available in the Australian stone market.
  5. Versatile in nature, making it suitable to use for multiple paving and flooring applications, from patios to driveways to alfresco.

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Whether you want to create an attractive and delightful area in your backyard or put the finishing touches on a newly constructed swimming pool, there’s no better choice to buy than bluestone tiles in Melbourne from Aushen Stone & Tile. With over 15 years of experience in paving and tiles, we offer the highest quality bluestone pool coping for indoor and outdoor applications in Melbourne, including flooring, walling and swimming pools. We offer bluestone in Melbourne at affordable prices, ensuring the stone pavers you buy are consistent in aesthetic and finish.

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