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Why is Granite Used for Pool Coping? Here Are The Reasons

When it comes to designing and building a swimming pool, the selection of materials for the coping around its perimeter is paramount. Not all materials are created equal for the outdoors – or pools specifically – so what should you look for? One material that stands out from the rest as an ideal choice for pool coping is granite.

Used widely by professionals in landscaping and construction projects everywhere, why is their preference leaning towards the particular stone – granite? Why are granite pavers widely used for pool coping? 

In this blog post, we will explore why granite tiles offer superior qualities when used as a pool coping solution and outline key advantages that it brings over other alternatives.

Why are granite pavers widely used for pool coping in Melbourne?

Durable and capable of withstanding extreme heat, granite is perfect for any pool. These granite pavers can withstand the fluctuating weather conditions of Melbourne, ensuring longevity for decades to come with minimal maintenance required. A few other reasons for choosing granite tiles for pool coping are: 

1. Safety

It protects your swimming pool from dirt and debris with granite pool pavers. These pavers provide a sturdy surface for swimmers to safely enter and exit the pool, giving you peace of mind. Plus, they are slip-resistant, even in salt or chlorinated water – making them the perfect choice for poolside use.

2. Durable and Aesthetically Pleasing

Mined from igneous rocks, this natural stone presents various colours and designs. Each granite slab is unique in colour and can fit any landscape and accentuate your pool deck. Visually appealing and timelessly beautiful, these granite pavers are perfect for enhancing your exteriors. Even as it ages, its rustic and rugged charm remains unchanged, making it a significant investment that can last generations. 

3. Easy to Maintain

While concrete may seem cheaper than granite initially, it ultimately costs more in the long run due to its tendency to chip and crack. On the other hand, natural stone pavers like granite are durable, stunning and easy to maintain. With just basic washing once a week, your pavers will look as good as new, saving you time and money in the long run. 

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