Pool Coping With Natural Stones

Coping is a technique used to cap the shell wall of a surface with stone or any other material. Whether you use natural stones for pool surrounds, in the garden or the deck – the effect will always be stunning. Pool coping primarily involves finishing the work done on the top of the pool and installing a natural stone lip around the edges. It is done to keep the pool shell wall in good shape and its liner in place.

Travertine, sandstone, granite and limestone are majorly used in pool coping for renowned durability and great aesthetic appeal. They have anti-slip properties and can be used in the outdoors and indoor projects. It can also be coordinated with colour paving, incredibly enhancing the look of the pool.

Products for Pool Coping

Aushen Stone provides the largest range of pool coping natural stones, both in contemporary square edge and traditional bullnose profiles. Our stones offers sturdiness, warmth and texture with long lasting coping solutions. Natural stones make your pools look great as coping is the most visible pool element.