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Install Bluestone Tiles for the Following Benefits

Bluestone tiles and pavers are trendy among Australian residential and commercial property owners due to their timeless appeal, versatility, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions for years. Bluestone tiles in Melbourne are highly popular in the landscaping industry and used for pool sides, gardens paths, driveways, and other applications. Bluestone pavers are the best options if you are looking forward to enhancing the exterior of your property. Here are some of the top reasons to choose bluestone pavers for your property.


Bluestone pavers can withstand extreme weather conditions. The high density and composition make Bluestone one of the most durable stones. Consider it your one-time investment as they don’t need frequent maintenance or repair work.

They Cater to Your Safety Needs:

The non-slippery finish of Bluestone makes it perfect for pool areas and other areas where the surface is more likely to get wet. You can create a safe outdoor space by installing bluestone pavers. 

Easy Installation:

Bluestones are easy to install. Whether you want to use them for pool coping or create a waterproof surface on a small terrace, they can be installed in no time. At Aushen Stone & Tile,we provide high-end solutions for bluestone installation. You can count on our prompt and quality services for installing Bluestone in Melbourne.

Variety of Dimensions:

Bluestones are available in multiple dimensions and thickness, and that’s why they are a preferred choice for commercial and residential applications. The variety of Bluestone’s surface texture suits all types of design requirements.

Beautiful Range of Colours:

At Aushen Stone & Tile,we have a wide range of colours available for bluestone pavers and tiles. You can choose the colour that goes perfectly well with the rest of the exterior or interior without breaking the continuity.

Aesthetically Perfect:

You can count on bluestone pavers to create a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing exterior. The availability of a wide range of colours, textures, and dimensions caters to your project’s luxury needs in the best possible way.

Things to Consider:

The versatility of Bluestone makes it ideal for any type of construction, but there are a few things that you should consider while installing Bluestone.

Bluestone can hold and bear water for a long time without any damage. However, sealing plays a crucial role to maintain their appearance. If the sealing is not done correctly, the surface can damage, especially in the areas that face high foot traffic. You need to ensure that all the stains and dirt are removed from the surface. With proper sealing, you can enjoy the shiner surface.


Bluestone tiles and pavers help you create exteriors with beauty and functionality. They last for years with minimum maintenance requirements. The availability of various colours, textures, and thickness makes them ideal for commercial and residential projects. Despite so many advantages, bluestone pavers are cost-effective. If you are looking for premium quality bluestone in Victoria, then Aushen Stone & Tile is here to give you the best solution.

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