Top 3 Benefits of Granite Flooring
Written by Aushen Stone & Tile

Top 3 Benefits of Granite Flooring

Granite pavers are renowned for being the hardest dimension from all the natural stone types. Granite forms an alluring pattern and has an aesthetic design. This design adds a touch of glamour to your kitchen, bathroom countertops and also enhances the beauty of walls. In addition to this, granite is more preferred to elevate the elegance and style of floorings.

This natural stone carries the natural beauty with the igneous rock formed from lava. This gives granite a huge variation in colour due to varied mineral content, including shimmering flecks and even crystals. This budget-friendly stone has several advantages when used for floorings.


Granite has lifelong durability. Granite can last for decades when applied correctly by sealers and cleaned properly. It is scratch-proof, heat resistant and virtually unbreakable stone.

Water and Moisture Resistant

If the granite pavers and tiles are appropriately sealed they can efficiently resist damages to the flooring and health hazards as granite is extremely resistant to water and moisture.

Adds Value to Your Property

Today, most of the Australian property builders pick up granite for flooring, walling and even for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Granite is available in distinctive patterns, colours and designs that add a splendid appeal to homes and offices. Polishes granite produces extra shines, induces a reflective tone and even highlights the colours. This type of granite is best suited for low traffic zones as the polished and gloss surface tends to be slippery. For high traffic areas honed granite is the best. It has a matte finish and has a flatter surface. Granite is available in distinctive colours, patterns and designs. These add a splendid appeal to homes and offices.

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