Enhance the Visual of Your Home with These Stone Ideas
Written by Aushen Stone & Tile

Enhance the Visual of Your Home with These Stone Ideas

Natural stones have a charm. They have proven to be a wonderful design option from time immemorial. Natural stones can enhance the visual appeal of your home and give a sophisticated and glamourous look. Natural stone designs can be used for both interior and exterior of your homes.

Aushen Stone is the largest provider of natural stone in Australia. We are a one-stop destination when it comes to natural stone and crazy stone paving in Melbourne. At Aushen Stone, our experts guide at every step. Right from selecting the stone to the best designs, our team of experts has got you covered.

Today the most designs concepts include countertops, fireplaces and bathrooms but here are some out of the box suggestions from our experts. These ideas are unique and give your home a distinctly beautiful look.

Visual Guide

Stones come in a wide array of rich colours. Natural stones can also be cut into various shapes and sizes and have varieties in textures and patterns. These can be effectively used to guide a person through the home, like a visual tour of the house. This happens through the designs. The granite stone that is used in the kitchen can also be used in the wall of the living room that is nearby the kitchen.


Natural stone looks beautiful on the staircase. The granite looks stunningly beautiful and can be used for stairs and also the arc bending wall in the space between two sets of stairs.

Curio-shelves inside stone walls

Yes, we agree most of the curio-shelves are made of wood. But when a hallway or a corridor wall is designed with a stone having curio-shelves can assist in the decoration of prizes, showpieces, souvenirs or decorative pieces. This would catch the eyes of the visitors immediately.

These were just a few of the design ideas but at Aushen Stones, we have a plethora of natural stone options that can beautify your home. Connect with us today to know some interesting and beautiful design ideas from the best stone pavers in Melbourne.

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